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I've devoted to human subject photography since the mid-90’s. It's a passionate pursuit, not a profession. This site is meant as a preview for prospective models, whom I invariably have approached in person. Beginning in 1999 and for the next dozen years, my major medium was B&W film with a larger format camera. However, both because I finally accomplished all I hoped to in that genre and because of both practical and environmental concerns with processing film, I sold the camera and moved on to strictly color digital work (with the option to readily convert images to B&W).

The intimate and collaborative nature of composing people as photographic subjects has always been an enormously and mutually gratifying way to engage others, and that is why I do so. Per discretion for models and with no profit motive, I don't market images on-line or seek to sell them in any venue, and also keep low-key with what's viewable. I've had 3 exhibits (one in NYC). There are 32 images on this site--18 up top and 14 down below--and I hope you'll view them all. Some photographs have a poetic verse paired with them. As one can see by opening the Credentials link, I have also written and produced for theater (not added is that the play was adapted for the screen and I also spent many years immersed with doing documentary film with combat veterans). If a model is agreeable, I also love composing mini-vid takes that depict a benign, sensual moment reflecting everyday life. The possibilities are endless, and the creative collaboration experience is enhanced (and I’ve found most everyone wants to act if given a chance). To be sure, no video art is put on-line, and models are free to do with a vid clip whatever they wish. If a subject prefers to compose in still photographs only, that is perfectly fine.